The Gathering of Eagles

One of our passionate pilots has sent in a couple of pictures from a recent fly-in at The Gathering of Eagles at Watts Bridge on the 30th of August, 2014.

Pictured below is the Australian LightWing aircraft 3041 and 4658 together. Both of these aircraft call Coominya, QLD, their home.

The Gathering of Eagles looked like a great fly-in, where over 100 planes turned up.

Thanks for the photos David, we love to know and see what our fleet of pilots and aircraft are up to.


Feature Flying School: Flying in Tasmania with Peter Reed

Learn to fly in Tasmania with C.F.I Peter Reed.

Skyflyte Aviation provides a great service with their flight training school in Wynyard (160kms north-west of Launceston in Tasmania). The company also provides services such as aircraft maintenance, aircraft sales as well as offering help to relocate aircraft around Australia for new buyers and sellers.

Skyflyte Aviation offers training in two aircraft, The Lightwing GR912 and the Foxbat A22LS. The Australian LightWing GR912 is a Taildragger which enables it to be used in short and rough field operations. It is a great Bush Aircraft handling rough strips far better than Nosewheel Aircraft. It uses the famous Rotax 912 80 HP engine and has dual controls. Pilots completing their Pilot Certificate in the Lightwing will automatically be endorsed with Low Performance and Tail Wheel Endorsements. This aircraft features in the Australian LightWing Aircraft Database; (Manufacture #116) Here. Find out more about this aircraft at the Australian LightWing website.

The Skyflyte Flying School has many great innovative techniques designed to help the student get the most out of their lessons whilst on their journey to becoming a safe and proficient member of the Australian aviation community. Initiatives include using a GoPro camera to film each lesson so the students are able to clearly recap and study their lessons. Students are also required to practise approaches and landings on various airstrips, public and private, to sharpen their skills. Check out some of the footage from a landing on a farm local to the flying school. We find this footage to be truly superb and conveys the joy of flying! Love that turn just before the touchdown!

Skyflyte Aviation proudly presents each of their students on their website when they reach milestones in their training. We at Australian LightWing would also like to pass on our congratulations to the happy pilots! 

You can also check out some great footage of the beautiful terrain which the flying school enjoys! And we thought we were in the prettiest place in Australia! Just goes to show, we live in a beautiful country!

If you’re in or near Wynyard, or visiting Tasmania, and at all interested in learning to fly as a full time or part time student, be sure to contact Peter Reed and get along to Skyflyte’ Flying in Tasmania Flying School and have a lesson!

Gift Vouchers are also available!

The First Certified Australian LightWing

The first certified Australian LightWing has had a colourful history flying the Australian skies, and is still going strong.

It was manufactured in 1986, with completion on the 14th of October.

The first pictures we have of her are these stunning snapshots of life at the Factory on Smith Drive, in West Ballina, NSW.

Our First Aircraft 1986

All the parts assembled and ready to go! (A unique first day of school photo for the kids).

Our first aircraft 1986

Certified as AUF#25 0032, the Australian LightWing took to the sky, and nothing has got in her way ever since.

We thank the owner for finding the copy of this article in the Pacific Ultralights Monthly magazine, published in March, 1995.

History of the First LightWing. By Dik Richardson.

25:0032 was the first production LightWing ever made, hence it’s airframe No. W 001.

The Aircraft took the trophy for “Grand Champion Ultralight” at Mangalore in 1987.

Grand Champion

In the same year it became the first LightWing to fly across Australia from West to East. Between 11th May and 26th June, 1987, Major Don McNaught and a team of soliders flew it from Perth, WA, to Port Macquarie, NSW, via Port Hedland and Alic Springs – a distance of 7,000 kms. The operation was an army adventure training exercise called “Operation Persistance”. Three ultralights took part, two FlightStars and the 0032.

Her Early Life

Early in her life 25:0032 was a float plane for a while whilst being used as a demonstrator by her makers. October 1987 saw her first flight as a float plane when she took off from the Richmond River. She is still alive and well and still looking brand new as can be seen from the photos.


Reg: 25-0032

Made by Hughes Engineering

Year: 1986

Engine: Rotax 532 – 65 hp 2 stroke twin cyl ADIC dual ignition. Liquid cooled.

Prop: Ground adjustable 2 blade by GSC

Fuel: Premium unleaded and Penrite TS 40C oil premixed at 40:1 mixture

Cap: 105 litres in 2 x 30 lt wing tanks. 1 x 45 lt long range tank behind seats.

Consumptions: 15 lts per hour

Cruise Speed: 75 Knots

Span: 7.325 metres

Chord: 1.4 metres

Wing Area: 160 sq ft

Length: 5.4 metres

Empty Weight: 200 kgs

MTOW: 400kgs

Newsletter #1

0032 Today: Her owner keeps her in great nick and loves his Australian LightWing aircraft.

25 0032


Thanks for the photos!

The ALW Database

We at Australian LightWing are very proud of our lasting history and bright future in the Australian Aviation industry. Here at the ALW Database we would like to offer a place where our aircraft owners can share pictures and histories of their aircraft; through part or complete refurbishments, off on sightseeing journeys, a view of the Australian LightWing workhorse aircraft on Aussie farms far and wide, aircraft built at schools and those owned by flying schools, aero clubs and syndicates. Our aircraft live very colourful lives!

Please email your current aircraft info to to be included in the database.

And many thanks for supporting Australian Made aircraft design and manufacture.

Aircraft owner’s names have been omitted from the Database as we do not wish to invade your privacy. If however, you would like us to include your name, please let us know, we’d be happy to display you and your aircraft.