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We at Australian LightWing are very proud of our lasting history and bright future in the Australian Aviation industry. Here at the ALW Database we would like to offer a place where our aircraft owners can share pictures and histories of their aircraft; through part or complete refurbishments, off on sightseeing journeys, a view of the Australian LightWing workhorse aircraft on Aussie farms far and wide, aircraft built at schools and those owned by flying schools, aero clubs and syndicates. Our aircraft live very colourful lives.

To have your aircraft’s current status and activity featured and added to the database please email Please email your current aircraft info to shelly@lightwing.com.au

Aircraft owner’s names have been and will be omitted from the Database as we do not wish to invade your privacy. If however, you would like us to include your name, please let us know, we’d be happy to display you and your aircraft.

And many thanks for supporting Australian Made aircraft design and manufacture.


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3 thoughts on “About & Contact

  1. I would love to catch-up with the Lightwing aircraft I flew across Australia in 1987 and meet the present owner. I have detailed records and photos of the trans Continental flight if anyone is interested. I live on the Gold Coast and still have a keen interest in aviation. My mob. is 0488 929264

    • Hello Don
      I am the owner of 0032. And would love too catch up with you and get the flight details of your trip . I gene you a ring asap
      Doug Evans

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